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Small Umbrella Tree | Schefflera Gold Capella

Small Umbrella Tree | Schefflera Gold Capella

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Schefflera Gold Capella is a stunning variety of the Schefflera plant . known for its golden-yellow variegated foliage that adds a touch of tropical charm to any space. This beautiful plant is a popular choice for indoor decoration . and it's easy to care for . making it an ideal choice for both experienced and novice gardeners.

Growing Conditions: Schefflera Gold Capella is a tropical plant that is native to Taiwan and China . where it grows in the wild as an understory plant. As a houseplant . it can be easily grown in bright . indirect light . making it an ideal choice for indoor spaces. It prefers a warm and humid environment and should be kept away from cold drafts or air conditioning units.

Care: Schefflera Gold Capella is a low-maintenance plant that requires minimal care. It should be watered when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch . but should not be overwatered as this can cause root rot. The plant should be fertilized every two to four weeks during the growing season with a balanced . water-soluble fertilizer. Pruning is not necessary but can be done to shape the plant if desired.

Styling: Schefflera Gold Capella is a versatile plant that can be styled in a variety of ways. Its bright and bold variegated leaves make it a striking addition to any space. The plant can be grown as a small bush or trained to grow as a taller tree. To style the plant . prune it regularly to maintain its shape and promote new growth. If you wish to grow the plant into a tree shape . prune the lower branches and allow the upper branches to grow taller. The plant can also be trained with wires to shape it into various forms . such as a braided trunk or spiral shape.

Overall . Schefflera Gold Capella is a beautiful and easy-to-care-for plant that can add a touch of tropical charm to any indoor space. With minimal care and attention . it can thrive and grow into a stunning focal point in your home.

The Umbrella Plant or Schefflera plant makes a wonderful indoor plant gift.  We'll even deliver it along with a free handwritten card - include your gift message at the basket stage of the checkout . and we'll do the rest. We won't include any telltale paperwork either!

How to Grow and Care For Schefflera or Umbrella Plant

This plant is easy to care for. Follow our simple instructions below . and you will have years of growth.

Where should I put this plant?

Umbrella plants can tolerate bright but indirect light . not full sun. They will also thrive in low light.  Schefflera is easy: cold or warm rooms . plenty or little light . anything goes really. 

How much should I water it?

Water only when the top 2 inches of soil are dry.  Soak through and leave to drain . then allow to dry out before watering again.

This plant loves being dusted . the simplest and easiest way is to give it a shower once a month . and it will thrive!

Should I feed it?

You can feed once a month during spring and summer with liquid plant food. Try our vegan . organic plant food.

When developing our original Happy Houseplants' Organic Tropical Plant Food . we decided not to tinker with it too much . so you'll find no chemical supplements in this 100% cruelty-free vegan product. Our indoor plant fertiliser is handmade on the edge of Dartmoor National Park in Devon . exclusively for Happy Houseplants . and has been developed by the team at Happy Houseplants and expert horticulturists with decades of experience. Many people struggle to understand how to feed houseplants . but our original vegan plant food has been designed to make feeding houseplants simple. 

Our organic indoor plant food is made from Seaweed . harvested sustainably. Seaweed provides a delicate blend of growth hormones and micronutrients perfect for all indoor plants. Houseplants grow throughout spring . summer and autumn . so they will benefit from organic fertiliser during this time to encourage flowering and keep them healthy. 

What size is this plant?

13cm x 45cm

All our plants are supplied in a plastic nursery pot.

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