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Small Philodendron Scandens

Small Philodendron Scandens

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We love the rainforest style of this lovely Philodendron! Philodendron Scandens is a really lovely houseplant . displaying green leaves variegated with yellow. The Philodendron Scandens plant brings a truly tropical feel to your rooms . giving your home the rainforest vibe!

Bring rainforest style to your sitting room . bathroom . kitchen or study! Philodendron Scandens is not particularly fussy about where it is placed so as long as the air is reasonably humid then this houseplant will be happy in most positions . it's very adaptable.

A really attractive . smaller houseplant that will grab attention in any corner of your home and bring a bit of the jungle into your life!

We adore the simple style of this houseplant.

This Philodendron would make a lovely indoor plant gift for someone special.

If you are buying this plant as a gift . you can include your gift message at the basket stage.  We'll include a free handwritten card when we deliver the houseplant . and we'll leave out the paperwork so the recipient won't see the price!

Philodendron Scandens care level

This is an easy-care houseplant . suitable for beginners.

Where should I put it?

This plant is happy in any position really as long as the air is humid. Ideal for the bathroom!

How much should I water it?

You should make sure that this plant doesn't dry out . if the top 2 inches of soil dry out then it's time to water your plant.

Does it need feeding?

You can feed this houseplant with liquid plant food once a month in the spring and summer. Try our vegan . organic plant food.

What size is this plant?


If you would like more information on caring for houseplants . please have a look at our video here

All our plants are supplied in a plastic nursery pot

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