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Peace Lily & Pot

Peace Lily & Pot

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The characteristic white bloom of the Peace Lily is said to be how it received its common name . representing the white flags of a ceasefire. This is recognised as one of the best plants for improving air quality . known to help remove nasty toxins from the air. The flowers of a Peace Lily are in fact specially adapted leaves called a bract. It is native to South America and from the same family as a Flamingo Flower.

An ideal plant for anyone new to plant parenting . this plant makes the perfect gift in its stylish ceramic ribbed pot. Water your plant regularly . when its soil feels dry but reduce your watering schedule in the colder winter months - the Peace Lily is far more tolerant of underwatering . than overwatering!

How to keep me happy
I like bright indirect light
Water me when my top 2 inches of soil feel dry to the touch
Expert Level:
I'm perfect for those new to plant parenthood
W12cm x H40-50cm
I remove nasties lurking in your room
Keep me out of reach of furry friends and little people
Also known as: Spathiphyllum wallisii


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