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Monstera Deliciosa - Swiss Cheese Plant

Monstera Deliciosa - Swiss Cheese Plant

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Our beautiful small?Swiss Cheese Monstera! We absolutely love the full shape and wonderful foliage on this houseplant!?We love the Swiss Cheese Plant so much that it features in our logo! It's bold . it's full of rainforest character . the leaves are huge and you can imagine little animals and other plants sheltering under them in the jungle!

It's a classic 70s houseplant but it's ever-popular and never out of style - for good reason! We stock large Swiss Cheese?Monsteras which can be hard to find as they grow very slowly so take a long time to reach this size.

Its amazingly rich emerald green foliage is a striking feature and it looks luscious and attractive in any room in your home. Imagine it in its natural Central American jungle habitat - it's an epiphyte . so clings to the branches of other trees rather than living on the ground . which gives it a better chance to reach the rain and the light.?All you need to do then is make sure there is plenty of indirect light and lots of humidity plus water when it gets dry and your Swiss Cheese Plant?should be very happy.

If you decide to give this interesting houseplant as a gift . we can include a free . handwritten card - just specify your message at the basket stage of delivery and we'll do the rest!? We won't give the game away with paperwork or prices either so it'll be a wonderful surprise!

Swiss Cheese Monstera care

Monstera is easy to care for . suitable for beginners.

If you would like more information on caring for Monstera . please have a look at our video?here

How should I water this houseplant?

Water when the top few inches of soil feel dry to the touch . soak through and leave until dry again. Be careful to make sure that the plant isn't left sitting in water as it won't like that!

Should I feed this houseplant?

Yes . you can water once a month during spring and summer . try our vegan . organic plant food.?

Is this plant toxic to pets?

Yes . this could cause problems if a pet nibbled it.

What size is this houseplant?

W21cm x H70cm?

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