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Baby Epipremnum Aureum (Devils Ivy, Golden Pothos)

Baby Epipremnum Aureum (Devils Ivy, Golden Pothos)

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Pothos Plants . or Epipremnum Aureum . are native to the jungles of Malaysia and are highly adaptable . glossy-leafed plants with heart-shaped leaves. Epipremnum Aureum or devils Ivy is easy to care for and can grow almost anywhere. In other words . a perfect houseplant for beginners.

A highly decorative climber with beautiful glossy leaves with yellow flecks . it looks superb and is highly regarded for helping purify the air. It grows as an excellent climber and will happily grow up a moss pole or shelf. If you prefer . let it cascade as a perfect pot plant for shelves. Scindapsus Epipremnum makes the ideal plant for any space. 

This is a superb choice if you crave the jungle look or want stunning green foliage in your home. It's a fast grower and will grow as a vine or hanging plant (available in the hanging plant collection) 

Our baby plants collection makes a superb start for anyone looking to grow their houseplant collections or gifting for friends or family. 

scindapsus epipremnum care level

This is an easy-care houseplant . suitable for beginners. It is called devils Ivy because it will grow in almost darkness and is impossible to kill. 

Where should I put my golden devil's ivy?

They like a warm spot with plenty of indirect light but will grow happily in the shade . but much more slowly. 

How much should I water my Golden Pothos?

Keep moist but not soggy; the roots need to breathe . so avoid waterlogged soil. 

Golden devil's ivy can be used in aquariums and make a great filter. Scindapsus aureum is perfect for open-top aquariums or Paludariums . helping filter the water and adding shady spots for fish. 



Does it need feeding?

You can feed this houseplant with liquid plant food once a month in the spring and summer. Try our vegan . organic plant food.

All our plants are supplied in a plastic nursery pot

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