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Air Purifying Bundle

Air Purifying Bundle

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Breathe better . sleep better and feel better with our carefully curated selection of air-purifying plants. This collection of greenery has been specifically chosen for their ability to remove toxins and purify the air in your home.

Your green trio is not only good for your wellbeing . but they'll effortlessly add some style points to your interiors as well. And as if taking care of your health wasn't enough to impress you . these plants pretty much care for themselves . too - each is very low maintenance. Plus . they all come with their very own decorative pots – all you need to do is unbox and enjoy! Even better you save 20% when bought all together.

Plants Included: Peace Lily W12cm H30-40cm . Snake Plant W12cm H30-40cm and Boston Fern W12cm 20-30cm.

Note: Plant and pot substitutions may be made based on availability. Pots included are a mix of recycled plastic and ceramic.

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