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Philodendron Scandens - Heartleaf philodendron HB 16cm

Philodendron Scandens - Heartleaf philodendron HB 16cm

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About philodendron

Philo means ''loving' in Greek . while dendron means 'tree'. Which makes this the 'loving tree'. While that could be because it's just so easy to like . it's probably because of its big heart-shaped leaves.

In its natural home in Central America and the Caribbean it's a fast-growing climber . reaching heights of up to six metres. You'll find it hanging out on the trunks of other trees. In the home it's grown up a moss pole . to make it a dramatic . very vertical plant. If you like a big plant but don't have space for one that spreads out . it's perfect.

It's a pretty easy plant to take care of . as long as you give it the right light and water. You can also give it a growth boost by feeding it with liquid fertiliser once per month in spring and summer.



He'll be fine in-shade . though his leaves may fade a bit. He prefers a position in a bright room.


He likes to be watered when his top 5cm of soil are dry. Plant dislike soggy soil.



A moist atmosphere helps keep his leaves healthy. Give him a good mist every few days. Or put him in a steamy bathroom.

Prefers bright to medium light.

Allow top layer of soil to dry between waterings.


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